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ScreenshotAnimated GIF by James Curran

AniGIF is a GIF viewer that can open files containing a single image as well as play animated GIFs. The program provides features to control playback of animated GIFs by changing mode, speed and direction of replay. For this purpose, you can alternatively use commands from the floating menu or hotkeys.

The program provides the following commands (red color marks hotkeys):

  • Open File: dialog «Open File»
  • Play/Pause: begin playback/pause
  • Play Reversed: change the playback direction
  • Stop: stop playback and return to the first frame
  • Playback mode:
    • Speed Up [ arrow up]: speed up playback
    • Speed Down [ arrow down]: speed down playback
  • Halt/pause mode:
    • Next Frame: display the next frame
    • Previous Frame: display the previous frame
  • Zoom In [+]: enlarge the displayed part of image/animation
  • Zoom Out []: reduce the displayed part of image/animation
  • Exit: exit program
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A minimalistic
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You can open a file either (1) with the dialog «Open File», or by dragging the file to (2) the programs window or (3) to its icon in the Windows Explorer. Apart from that, when you set the program as a default for opening GIF files, it will be automatically launched by clicking a file with the .gif extension.

The window title bar displays the following parameters of the file as well as of the playback: (1) file name, (2) number of frames, in the pause mode also the number of the current frame, (3) playback direction: »» (normal) or «« (reversed), (4) playback speed, (5) magnification factor.

The program consists of one .exe file and runs out of the box.

1.0023 K
(23 552 bytes)
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Desktop
(Linux/Wine compatible)
(64-bit compatible)
MD5: 2a99e3eb858003cd96f6a43ab866ff92
SHA-1: c35caa36d5cf2824a9401d64c656f4084f160ed4


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