BelleVue Portable Image Viewer

Program that you can run everywhere

ScreenshotBelleVue is a free, simple and lightweight image viewer as described below:

  • no installation is necessary, the exe-file runs out of the box
  • program and data files can be stored in the exes directory or in the current home directory
  • runs on Windows XP SP 2/3, Vista, 7, 8 Desktop
  • supports most important image formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP) as well as many raw formats (see more below)
  • supports common image viewer functions
  • shows Exif data
  • supports fullscreen and windowed modi

The use of most functions is self-explanatory. Some functions are explained below.

By default, the program does not write anything to the disk until the option Save Options is checked. If the option Use exes directory is checked, the program tries to save the ini-file and, if applicable, the folder containing thumbnail galleries in the directory where the program itself is saved. This option can be useful by running on external media like USB drives, etc. Otherwise, the program tries to save the files in the home directory of the current user.

If you clear the checkbox Save Options, the program removes all program-related directories and files. It is recommended to do it before the exe-file is removed since a special deinstallation procedure/tool is not provided.

All options can be divided into two groups: the ones that cause an action immediately after activation and the ones that do not. For example, if you switch between framed and frameless or between windowed and fullframe modi, the look of the program changes immediately. Otherwise, changing Initial Show Mode or Autorotation options leads to a different behaviour only for the next image.

What about raw formats? The program uses the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) for reading image files. WIC is provided by Windows XP SP2/3 and later. In the basic configuration, WIC can read JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, ICO as well as WMP (HD Photo) files. In order to read raw-files, you need to install the free Microsoft Camera Codec Pack that does not run on Windows XP. A field in the status bar displays information about the current raw support by the program.

Many raw formats contain embedded JPEG images. If the option Show Embedded JPEG in RAW is checked, the program searches through the raw file for the largest embedded JPEG image and, if successful, shows it. This function also works on Windows XP and with files that still are not supported by Microsoft, e.g. with raw files made by Canon EOS 70D. The current version works reasonably well with formats such as CR2, ARW, NEF and PEF.

You might have installed a WIC-enabled codec provided by a camera manufacturer. Such a codec can be used by the program, even on Windows XP, it depends on the codec only. My experience with a codec provided by Canon was of such a nature that I decided not to implement any special support for that third-party codecs.

The user interface is old school. Instead of miraculous and colorful animated buttons, you will find instructive menu items here.

The program is still under development, it certainly contains some bugs and lacks some features.

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